The Department of Endocrinology is skilled in integrating extensive care to treat ailments resulting from diabetes and other endocrine-related disorders. The team of highly skilled doctors at AIMS provides consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services in the management of thyroid disorders, diabetes, pituitary and disorders of physical growth, adrenal disorders, disorders of male and female hormones. The department offers a wide range of treatments for endocrine and metabolic diseases along with under or overproduction of the hormones, menopause, lipid disorders, hypertension, short stature (lack of growth), bone diseases and also endocrine cancers. The endocrinologists use advanced technology and innovative equipment which add to the long-term commitment of patient care. The team renders comprehensive care and non-invasive diagnostic services to all the patients. The team also focuses on treatment and patient education over matters like obesity management, infertility problems in females and males, osteoporosis and hormone replacement therapies. The Department offers expert consultation, counseling and diagnosing the various problems at an early stage and treating them with great skill and experience.


The department of Endocrinology is skilled in diagnosing and treating patients with diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which the blood glucose of a person's body goes beyond normal levels. Diabetes Mellitus can be of three types: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. There are some other forms of diabetes that are less prevalent including cystic fibrosis-related diabetes and monogenic diabetes. In type 1 diabetes the patient's body stops making insulin completely. In type 2 diabetes the patient's body does not generate insulin or does not utilize the body insulin well. Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women and mostly, diminishes after childbirth. There is a huge possibility of developing type 2 diabetes in the later stage if a woman has had gestational diabetes before. 

The department of Endocrinology at AIMS specializes in diagnosing the correct type of diabetes mellitus and accordingly prescribing safe medications or treatment options. The team treats patients of all age groups with precision.

Diabetes is a concerning problem that needs proper medical care, and if not attended properly, may lead to some serious problems including kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, nerve damage, eye problems, foot problems and dental problems. The highly experienced team ensures the correct diagnosis and management of the problem along with ensuring complete patient safety and satisfaction. The patients are offered compassionate care and the best quality services.


   Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine surgery is a super specialty division of Surgery which deals with surgery of glands. It deals with surgical aspect of Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, NeuroEndocrine tumors of GI tract and pancreas, ovaries and testis, thymus, Breast and Endocrine onco-surgery, parotid and neck surgery, Diabetic foot disorders, metabolic and Bariatric surgery. It deals through advanced minimal invasive, endoscopic and robotic Endocrine surgery approaches. The specialty deals with end to end solution of disorders related to all these organs.

   Metabolic Surgery

Obesity is fast becoming a big problem in developing countries like India. Obesity can often lead to obesity-related diseases and conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, sleep apnea, GERD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint problems. The Department of Bariatric & Metabolic surgery at AIMS is fully equipped to perform all types of weight loss procedures including sleeve gastrectomy, gastric band, gastric bypass and mini-gastric bypass surgery, bilio-pancreatic diversion as well as all other metabolic surgeries. With state-of-the-art minimally invasive laparoscopy surgeries and robotic surgical options, our experts ensure smaller incisions, accurate surgery, less blood loss and quicker recovery for patients.

   Podiatry / Diabetic Foot Care

The department of podiatry/ diabetic foot care deals with the study, correct diagnosis, and treatment of disorders related to the ankle, foot, and lower extremity in patients having a diabetic problem. The team specializes in preventing the need for the surgical procedure by its expert management skills and taking complete care of diabetic foot ulcers which are in the form of an open laceration that occurs on the bottom part of the foot in diabetic patients. Such patients have poor blood circulation which affects their foot's blood supply. The circulation issues can be caused by the clogged arteries hence, allowing less blood to pass through. Some of the common causes of this condition include high amount of blood fat, smoking and increased blood glucose levels. The team is highly experienced in managing such conditions and is expert in handling how to control the blood fat in the body, maintaining the blood glucose levels, and thereby not requiring surgery. The team ensures to render quality services, compassionate care and expert counseling sessions to all its patients and is focused on providing quality life to the patients.