Laboratory Medicine

   Department Overview

AIMS Laboratory medicine department is located on the 4th floor.

It has an area of 2000sq.ft.

The department is equipped to cater all subsections of i.e

  • Histopathology
  • Hematology
  • Biochemistry
  • Immunology
  • Serology
  • Microbiology


  • Grossing – Small specimen, large specimen 
  • Oncology specimen – Frozen section,  PAP Smear

The procedure is done in cytology- FNAC

ImmunoHistopathology Chemistry :

We have a highly efficient cryostat for sectioning techniques in routine. (HM 525 Thermo scientific cryostat).


XN 550 new automated compact hematology analyzer method with flow cytometry to generate a full blood count with a standard five-part white blood cell differential and an immature granulocyte count.

D -10 which is a fully automated system with HPLC method which aid in diabetes diagnosis and monitoring, as well as offers B-thalassemia testing on a single platform.

Cube 30 touch is an automated ESR analysis with a modified western green method that produces results directly from EDTA tubes and gives results in 20 minutes features an internal mixing function that automatically prepares up to 30 samples per batch.


  1. Cobas  C311 analysis is an automated, software-controlled analysis with a photometric method for clinical chemistry analysis. It performs photometric assay and ion-selective electrode measurement and uses serum or plasma.
  2. Prolyte diamond is a completely automated system measuring sodium potassium chloride in whole blood, serum, and plasma utilizing ion-selective electrode technology.


  • Mini VIDAS is a compact automated immunoassay system based on the enzyme-linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA) principle, it provides accurate on-demand test results of thyroid, immunology tests.
  • Snibe maglumi 800 is automated immunoassay based on chemiluminescence immunoassay system [CLIA] gives accurate report of all immunology test.
  • Abbott Architect i1000 immunoassay analyzer meets laboratory high standard which deliver STAT results with the help of CLIA method.


  • Bactech Alert 3D is Sophisticated automated microbial detection system with advantages in every dimension of blood culture and sterile fluid testing from safety and design to accuracy.
  • Vitech 2 compact is an automated analyzer for the identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria and has been associated with decreased sample TAT  and improved detection of multi-drug resistant organisms.
  • GeneXpert [cephid] Rapid diagnostic test for tuberculosis detection as well as Rifampicin Resistance indirect with the help of method semi Nested real time PCR.


  • Goal of Laboratory medicine is to provide accurate, Specific, and sufficiently comprehensive diagnoses to enable the physician to develop an optimal plan of treatment for the Particular Patient.
  • AIMS Laboratory has a team of senior pathologists, microbiologists, and staff with knowledge, skill, and a positive attitude.
  • we offer 50+ clinical laboratory tests and profiles which are used for prediction, detection, diagnostic screening, and monitoring of disease.
  • One can either visit AIMS Hospital Laboratory, AIMS Medical Centre to give a blood sample, or opt for blood collection at home service so that one can get all the benefits of laboratory in the comfort at home.
  • With a certified team, we provide diagnostic services ranging from routine to semi-specialty tests to complete health check-up packages for men, women, senior citizens & corporates.
  • Expert end painless blood collection at home.
  • Get all blood test reports directly to your inbox.
  • Trained / Qualified technicians with knowledge, skill, and attitude that enables them to
    - Handle specimen samples
    - Analyze specimens
    -Diagnose disease


We also perform the EQAS program as well as internal quality on monthly basis to improve and monitor the quality of laboratory reports.


M.D (Microbiology)

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M.D. (Pathology)

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