Medical Social Worker

We at AIMS have a Medical Social Worker who provides help & support to the patients in need. For Financial aid, he has tie-ups with many NGOs, organizations, CM & PM Welfare funds, etc. through which we receive funds for the patients who face financial burdens. We also provide aid to such patients from our Employee Welfare fund at the hospital. MSW is available to help face-to-face, online, or on the telephone.

Duties & Responsibilities of MSW:

  • To assesses the social condition of the patient and provide appropriate counseling.
  • To help the patient find ways and means to financially manage the illness/disability. Making the patient manage and tap resources for carrying out his treatment and support the family.
  • To help arrange financial support for carrying out patient’s treatment were needed from Governmental and Non-governmental organizations.
  • To advise the patients/persons with disabilities on available disability benefits from the government and help them to get those benefits.